Huile de Nuit – Huiles Essentielles de Lavande, de Camomille dans Huile Abricot. Pour Humidificateur, Diffuseur, Bain. Aromathérapie pour se…



It’s such a joy to be able to fall asleep and enjoy a pure, deep sleep at the end of a long day.

We use only premium quality essential oils in our special Sleep Oil blend to aid sleep quality or duration. Sleep isn’t the only benefit of these oils though. Most of them also relax body and promote calm.


* Bergamot is known for its ability to provide a slight mood boost.

* While Chamomile has long been used in tea to aid sleep, its effectiveness as aromatherapy is now studied to establish the potential to promote better and longer sleep sessions.

* Lavender is perhaps the best known essential oil for promoting better, longer sleep. It is fairly well-studied and shows positive sleep results.

* Vetiver has a dual effect that is helpful who have sleep issues. It both promotes sleep and elevates energy and alertness during waking hours.


Try all our oils for a unique experience that is truly tailored to your individual needs. Results may vary since each person experiences aromatherapy oils discretely. Testimonials and reviews are from real customers, but individual results depend on a variety of factors.


We offer a risk free purchase.

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 SLEEP WELL TONIGHT A good night’s deep sleep is vital to your health and a productive tomorrow. Our soothing aroma oil helps to calm your mind and relax your body, get the deep sleep you need to function well. Simply add a few drops to bedroom reed diffuser or oil burner for tranquility that restores and revitalizes your energy.
LAVENDER OIL AND CHAMOMILE ESSENTIAL OIL – ADVICE FROM THE EXPERTS Studies show that essentials oils for sleep, like lavender and chamomile, can help you avoid a frustrating, sleepless night. They recommend that using these oils in aromatherapy for several days can improve sleep comfort and help you sleep better and more deep. Our Sleep Oil contains both lavender essential oil and chamomile oil, as well as other relaxing sleep oils.
NATURAL SLEEP REMEDY – FEEL HEALTHIER When you’re longing for better sleep, you want high-quality natural sleep remedy that won’t compromise your health. Our oil blend is free from synthetic chemicals, is is healing and natural. We’ve protected your oil in an opaque glass bottle and a tamper-evident pipette to give you an assurance you need to know that you’re always getting a high quality, UK made, beautiful smelling and safe oil blend.
NATURAL RESCUE REMEDY IS THE BEST SLEEP AID Blended Valley sleep fragrance oil is blended in organic apricot kernel oil and it can be used in your bath. Or it can be deluted in water and misted over your pillow or sleep mask. Avoid using pure oil on the fabric. Our oil make perfect relaxation gifts for those you care about.
COPYRIGHTED ESSENTIAL OILS E-BOOK IS INCLUDED Natural oil gives you a unique way to connect with your spirit, body and emotions. Blended Valley book helps unlock the key to using these oils effectively for a richer, more meaningful life. It is included with each purchase for your enjoyment.

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